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Now available my own Youtube channel, check it out!

Broken hearts is in the ranking of sound accademy by radiovivafm,thanks guys!!!


New version of my previous single Mon Chevalier deep house mix is finally available on main stores, click to listen!!

Many thanks to radio VIVAFM to play my nes single "Broken Hearts", follow the show "SOUND ACCADEMY"


My new single "Broken Hearts" feat. Maiya Sykes is out now!!!

Click on the image to listen it on youtube, download on Beatport,Itunes,Amazon and main online stores.


Listen to the new mix of my single

"Mon Chevalier" feat. Sarah deep house version

Avaible soon on main online stores and streaming sites


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Thanks to the "Fantascientificast" blog for hosting me for an interview with the great writer Dario Tonani and illustrator Franco Brambilla.

In collaboration with musicians and artist "Jagorart" we presented the "KCJ" project's, soundtrack for the "Cronache di Mondo 9" novel, elettronic "SCI-FI" music for "Urania's world"

Thanks to Omar Serafini for giving voice to our music and Dario for his incredible stories...





New single "Fall" Feat. Malika Torres is OUT on main online store !!

Click on the image to listen the song on Spotify

Thanks to "High Alliance Magazine" for posting my interview, "THE REALITY ISSUE present KC Marc" is my article " a closer look" you can find clicking on the image above.


New single "Reggae taxi" feat. Maiya Sykes and G-Man is out now, click on the image and listen it on spotify!

Thanks to Enigma Records to make it possible


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